• Professional help with self-assessment tax returns

Professional Help with Tax Returns

Do you need to file your 2019-2020 Self-Assessment tax return? Or maybe you are late filing your 2018-2019 tax return — or even older years? We can help!

Help filling in & submitting your tax return

At Taxfile, we submit hundreds of Self-Assessment tax returns for customers every year. We’re tax return specialists. We know how confusing tax returns can be, so we’re here to help you make sense of it all. We’ll fill in the figures for you, compute any income tax owed or rebate payable, and submit the tax return to HMRC on your behalf. It’s easy and affordable!

Minimise the £10-per-day HMRC fines (they started on May 1st for late ’18-19 returns)

Time is of the essence if you still haven’t submitted your tax return for the period 6 April 2018 to 5 April 2019. If you didn’t file it by 30 April, HMRC will now be charging you an additional £10 per day penalty — and that could really mount up! That’s on top of the £100 fine that they will already have applied to you if you missed the 31 January deadline earlier this year. It’s even worse for older years if those tax returns are late.

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Self-employed & looking for Government help during the lock-down? You needed to have acted by 23 April.

If you’re self-employed and are struggling financially during the lock-down, filing your 2018-19 tax return has never been more important. You will only be eligible for the Government’s new Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (‘SEISS’) if you filed your 2018-19 tax return by 23 April 2020. Missed the deadline? Get in touch with us and we’ll help wherever possible. If you encounter problems with the actual claim process, we are here to help you with that too — simply get in touch using the telephone number or enquiry form above.

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