Accountancy services – Price Guide 2023/24.

A Reminder of our prices – but remember to keep an eye on the blog for occasional special offers and discounts!

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• Capital Gains Tax Return: £412 + VAT
• Registration – Contractors: £166 + VAT
• CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) sub-contractor Tax Return: £266 + VAT
• Landlord Tax Return: £288 + VAT
• Register with HMRC for Self-Assessment (one-off): £38 + VAT
• Self-Assessment Tax Return – Partnership: £344 + VAT
• Each Partner’s Tax Return: £166 + VAT
• Self-Assessment Tax Return – Directors: £177 + VAT
• Registration – Employer (PAYE Scheme): £133 + VAT
• Self-Assessment Tax Return – PAYE: £188 + VAT
• Self-Assessment Tax Return – Self-Employed: £277 + VAT
• Self-Assessment Tax Return – Taxi/black cab Drivers: £288 + VAT
• Self-Assessment Tax Return – Minicab Drivers: £277 + VAT
• Double entry: £1.55* per entry + VAT
• Bookkeeping: £44-£65 per hour + VAT
• Payroll (Monthly): £53 + VAT
• Limited Company – Annual Return Confirmation Statement: £95 + VAT
• Limited Company – Annual Accounts: £798-£2650 + VAT
• Limited Company – Formation: £235 + VAT
• Registration for VAT: £144 + VAT
• VAT Return (Flat Rate Scheme): £126 + VAT
• VAT Return (Standard Rate): £160-£315 + VAT
• Consultation – Hourly Fees: £55-£160 + VAT
• Tax Investigation Work c. £105-£160 per hour + VAT
• Partnership dispute resolution: c. £150 per hour + VAT
• Undeclared Income Disclosure: £288 + VAT per year

* The price shown for the double-entry bookkeeping is a guide — the actual price will depend on factors including how well the records are presented to Taxfile (e.g. are they in good shape), whether there is VAT involved and the overall complexity. Rest assured, though; we work to make sure that the price we charge is fair and may also advise customers how to reduce costs, for example, through better presentation of their data.

We normally supply a free quotation before commencing new work. However, in just a few cases, unforeseen complications may arise which may necessitate additional work and charges. In such cases we will first let customers know and discuss whether there is anything they can do to avoid, or minimise, any additional work and fees (e.g. restructure their data into a more simple format).
Fees can be kept to a minimum if clients provide clear details of all income and expenditure. To this end we can provide a free Sage One account to our clients.

Saving downloadable information from your online banking means we can more easily check for expenses and income which might otherwise have been overlooked and also fill in the gaps where you are missing receipts or invoices. This simple service could therefore save both time and money! Ask us for further information or, better still, send us a sample download of a typical month’s bank data in exchange for free, insightful feedback.

Customers are invited to download our Excel spreadsheet template, to use free of charge, for their record keeping/bookkeeping.

Tax Investigation Fee Cover: Taxfile customers are also protected from the potentially heavy costs of any HMRC investigations through a low cost fee that we add to some of our core prices, as follows: £5 for self-assessment tax returns, £10 for VAT returns, £4 for payroll submissions and £25 for corporation tax returns (exclusive of VAT). For further information about what’s included in this excellent, low-cost fee protection cover, click here. These prices are a fraction of the cost if paid individually by you or your business directly, because we spread the cost through the business at our end. We hope you agree that it’s a very small price to pay for peace of mind and protection against unexpected costs.

• Brochure download available here.

Prices shown are averages and actual charges will depend on individual complexity and are subject to our Terms of Business. VAT extra at 20%.

Prices/fees for accountancy services at Taxfile.
Services include self-assessment tax returns, CIS tax refunds, bookkeeping, payroll, limited company accounts, VAT registration, VAT returns and more.
Tax returns for capital gains, landlords, sub-contractors in the construction industry, taxi drivers, cabbies, the self-employed, directors, partners and more.
We also undertake tax investigation work, partnership dispute resolution and undeclared income disclosures.