Tax advice

Case Study: a high rate taxpayer in a complex tax situation

The Client

A new client, Mr ‘K’,  is a higher rate taxpayer who previously used to file his own tax returns.

The Problem

Mr K got into a complicated financial situation in 2013/14 due to having received redundancy pay, severance pay waiver, investment income, PAYE income and pension income. He needed professional guidance and advice regarding his tax liability.

The Solution

Taxfile looked into all the records and correspondence regarding the redundancy and severance pay so as to make sure of the right tax treatment for each. We also calculated the various tax rates for each type of income and advised that the remaining tax liability should be collected through the tax code system.

The Result

The client was reassured that the tax calculation was done professionally and accurately and was able to pay the right amount of tax in the most appropriate way.

Client Feedback

The client was impressed with how quick and efficient Taxfile’s service was and, as a result, is continuing to use our service now and into the future. Read more