Help for Auto Enrolment

Good news – one less burden for Employers!

If you are an employer, you’ll no doubt know about the new Automatic Enrolment scheme that was recently imposed on UK businesses. For most employers, it’s yet another unwelcome administrative burden. However, it’s not all bad news; in fact, Taxfile has some excellent news to share with you …

As you probably know, compliance with the new Automatic Enrolment scheme is not optional. Virtually every UK employer has to choose and commit to a Workplace Pension Scheme, liaise with every employee, administer all the paperwork and comply with the various rules, regulations and deadlines. It’s a massive administrative burden. However, the good news is that Taxfile can handle it all for you! Our prices are incredibly affordable too. So — it’s a no-brainer!

Let Taxfile handle your Auto Enrolment for you

For a simple, affordable fee, Taxfile can help your company or organisation with:

  • Monitoring, compliance and administration of your Auto Enrolment duties. We’ll handle it all, on your behalf;
  • Registering your compliance with The Pensions Regulator at the correct intervals;
  • Integrating Auto Enrolment pension payments into your company payroll (if we handle payroll for you), so the right level of pension contributions, tax and NI is paid in relation to salaries;
  • If you and all your employees are eligible and want to opt out of Auto Enrolment, we’ll help you accomplish that too, within the rules.
  • If you’ve missed your ‘staging date’ and want to minimise any penalty and get back on track, we can also help with that.

With Taxfile handling it all for you, you can get on with your real job — running your business. You won’t need to worry about the administrative burden, writing to employees, complying with the rules and doing everything at exactly the right time. We’ll do it all for you. You’ll also avoid the potential penalties caused by inaccuracies, late filing and non-compliance.

So, in a nutshell, once you’ve chosen your preferred scheme, which we can help with too, Taxfile will handle everything else!

And the best news of all – the cost is surprisingly affordable! Once we know more about your particular set-up, we’d be delighted to offer a free, no-obligation quotation.

Contact Lynsey at Taxfile, using the contact form below, and she’ll be in touch by return. Alternatively, call our London office on 0208 761 8000 for further details. We’ll be delighted to help.