No April Showers for Landlords!

Landlords may benefit by having a Taxfile safety net.
Landlords and taxpayers with small amounts of freelance earnings could well expect to find a Tax inspector appearing unannounced at their Buy to Let property or small home business enterprise! Proposals included in last weeks finance bill and coming into force on April 1st 2009, will herald even more investigative powers for the Tax man. HMRC inspectors will have additional powers to investigate landlords and challenge them over perceived income errors on their tax returns, which could result in fines between 30%-100% of any extra tax due.

In a recent report, HMRC have identified 20% of Landlords (nearly 80,000), as having made errors on their Tax returns. But what is meant by an error? Taxpayers could be heavily penalised for just failing to understand the tax rules applied to rental income. For example, being late with the lettings business registration, or using inappropriate expenses and so on.

Any concerns or worries in this area can be directed to Taxfile who will be happy to offer help and advice. We strongly recommend landlords take advantage of our insurance cover against any tax investigation, this offers Landlords peace of mind and financial protection.

Taxfile welcome your call on 0208 7618000 to discuss your situation.

Good luck.

Land and Property Team at Taxfile