CIS Sub-contractors – Claim Your Tax Refund Now!

CIS sub-contractor refunds

It’s now time to start the process of claiming your tax refund if you are a sub-contractor working within the Construction Industry Scheme (‘CIS’). The good news is that refunds usually take around only 2 weeks through Taxfile if you come in to see us before the rush.

Why you’re due a tax refund

CIS construction workers like you are usually taxed at source before being paid, and this usually results in a tax overpayment. That’s because you were taxed on the first £11,000 of your income even though that part falls within your 2016-17 ‘Personal Allowance’, i.e. the part of your income that should be tax-free. In addition, by pre-paying the tax, you will not have offset any allowable expenses such as tools etc. To rectify this, Taxfile will help you get the figures right, offset all allowable expenses and maximise your tax refund! Most sub-contractors receive their tax rebate within just 3 to 4 weeks, through Taxfile.

What you need to do

Don’t delay – book an appointment with Taxfile today at and we’ll sort it all out for you. We have staff who speak English, Polish, Pashto, Dari, Russian, French, Mauritian Creole and Dutch, should you need them on the day.

Check List

  • Book an appointment at;
  • Book any available time/date from 6th April inclusive;
  • Bring in records of your invoices, whether they are self-billed or your own. If any are lost, try to bring copies.
  • Bring in all your CIS statements and receipts for the period 6th April 2016 to 5th April 2017;
  • Even if you don’t yet have your most recent CIS statement, we can still make a start;
  • Show us receipts for things you use for work including tools, equipment and plant hire – the law expects you to keep proof so don’t throw anything away;
  • Bring receipts for materials too, as some can be offset to maximise your tax refund;
  • If you had any equipment or tools stolen during the year, make sure you bring a crime reference number so we can obtain tax relief on those items;
  • Bring in bank statements — if any records for income or expenditure have been lost, bank statements can prove vital to fill in the gaps and give us a better view of your overall tax situation;
  • Lastly, if you have any payslips from any employment during the year, please do also bring in those.


You may qualify for one or more discounts off our standard prices:

  • Long-standing CIS Taxfile clients will receive a loyalty discount (the amount will vary depending on how long they have been a Taxfile customer);
  • You will receive a discount if you introduce a friend or colleague to Taxfile, who then becomes a new, paying client;
  • A £10 discount is available for writing a testimonial that we can publish on our website & literature;

* T&Cs apply (please discuss with our tax agents during your appointment).

Contact Taxfile to get your tax refund fast!

Taxfile are experts at claiming back CIS tax refunds – we do over 500 of these per year and usually sub-contractors receive their refunds in just 3-4 weeks (often sooner for those who beat the rush and come in early). Taxfile are also very well trusted by HMRC so our sub-contractor CIS submissions and refund requests are rarely questioned. And currently we’re open 6 days a week!

Perhaps you a sub-contractor working through a limited company? If so, that’s also no problem!

Come and see us. We’re based in Tulse Hill and Dulwich, South of the River Thames, so are ideally located if you’re in Brixton, Elephant & Castle, Streatham, Camberwell, Peckham, West Norwood, Clapham, Stockwell, Herne Hill and beyond.

  • Need a Saturday morning appointment? No problem – you can book one here or call us on 0208 761 8000 for latest staff availability.
  • Need a late afternoon appointment on a Monday or Tuesday? Again, no problem — book an appointment here.

Call Taxfile on 0208 761 8000 or book your appointment online here. Our South London office is at 25 Thurlow Park Road, Tulse Hill, London SE21 8JP and we’re open 6 days a week all through April. We look forward to seeing you soon!

You can also download a copy of our ‘CIS Refunds’ newsletter for you to print out. Right-click here to download.