Cloud-based accounting software

A Great Choice of Cloud-based Accounts Software Packages

Cloud-based accounts software packagesSign Up & Your Favourite Charity Gets £25 Too!

[UPDATE: Please note that this offer has now expired]. If you are a limited company client that signs up to a new cloud accounting software subscription from Taxfile, we’ll donate £25 to your favourite charity. So, as well as saving yourself time and making your life easier, you’ll get a warm glow from making the world that little bit better! The accounting software packages that we currently offer and recommend are FreeAgent, Xero and Sage One, which are all leading accounts packages.

With any of the 3 cloud-based packages you’ll be able to:

  • FreeAgent, Xero & Sage One cloud accounting softwareCreate and send invoices from within the software;
  • Automatically chase payments;
  • View real time cash-flow;
  • Track time and expenses;
  • Monitor Profit and loss;
  • Forecast your tax liability;
  • Connect and automatically import your bank statement data straight into the software;
  • And much more!

Best of all, though, will be the time-saving benefits that you’ll get from professional accounting packages like these. With the software working hard for you in the background, you’ll have more time to get on with something else.

Contact Ryan, our resident accounts package specialist, for advice on which package will best suit you and your specific circumstances. He’ll be able to walk you through the details of the many features and benefits of each package as well as any further information you require. Ryan can be contacted on the usual Taxfile number: 0208 761 8000 or, if preferred, fill in an enquiry form here and Ryan will call you back at a time that suits you.

Taxfile newsletter (Autumn 2015)

Save money & hassle with our latest PDF newsletter!

Taxfile newsletter (Autumn 2015)Check out our latest A4 newsletter — which is jam-packed with ways to save money when dealing with your tax affairs and is more comprehensive than our recent e-newsletter. Savings include our 5% Early Bird discount for help with your tax return or accounts before Christmas, our offer to reduce your Taxfile bill by a further 12½% if you introduce a friend who then becomes a Taxfile client, a shout out to all sub-contractors in the construction industry who, if they act fast, can have their CIS tax refunds in time for Christmas, plus Key Dates in the tax calendar, a warning to Landlords — and a whole lot more.

Download the newsletter here (Acrobat PDF format – right-click to save the PDF to your hard drive then open it in Acrobat Reader or alternatively left-click the link to view the newsletter directly in most browsers).

Sage One Cashbook accounting package

Get Sage One Cashbook (online accounts package) FREE!

Sage online accounts package - free![UPDATE: Please note that this offer has now expired]. Get Sage One Cashbook FREE, only with Taxfile. If you are a Taxfile customer you can currently get this excellent online accounting and cashflow package totally free of charge. This is better than any special offer you’ll find online for the same product and an additional benefit is that it allows us, your accountants and tax advisors, to collaborate with you within the package (with your permission of course), making managing your income, expenditure, tax accounting and bookkeeping absolute child’s play. You can stop at any time; it’ll cost you nothing either way.

Features & Benefits of Sage One Cashbook online include:

  • It allows you to record income & expenditure for your business quickly and easily;
  • Access your records from anywhere with an internet connection, any time;
  • No accountancy experience is necessary – it’s simple;
  • Perfect for small businesses, sole traders, etc;
  • It allows you to Read more

Online banking may save you money!

Online banking can save you money on your accounting costsDo you have online banking? Sending us downloaded statement information straight from your online banking means we can more easily import the data into our system and check for expenses and income which might otherwise have been overlooked. It can also fill in the gaps where you are missing receipts or invoices. This simple service could therefore save both time and money! Most online banking platforms allow you to export this information, for example as a CSV file, and this format is perfect for our accounting system.

Don’t have online banking? No problem! We also have a new system where we can scan in your paper statements straight into our ‘Bankstream’ accounting platform, making analysis faster and easier.

Either way, ask us for further information or, better still, send us a sample download of a typical month’s bank data (or Read more

Clothing: Wholly and Exclusively for trade purposes

When dealing with self-employment expenses, great care needs to be taken.
An expense needs to have incurred wholly and exclusively for the purpose of the trade in order to be considered allowable. Some expenses by their very nature have a non-trade use and so are disallowed by the Tax Man.
So it is the case with ordinary clothing worn by a trader during the course of their trade,the so-called civilian clothing.
This rule applies even when particular standards of dress are required by the rules of professional bodies.
The cost of clothing that is not part of an everyday wardrobe like for instance protective clothing for a builder or a nurse’s uniform are allowed as trading expenses. The cost of clothing acquired for a film, stage or TV performance incurred by an actor or other entertainers is also allowable. The clothing in this case is called a costume as it is used in a performance.
A well known case with regards to clothing expenditure is the case of Mallalieu v Drummond. The case was concerned with the issue of whether a barrister was entitled to a deduction for expenditure on purchase and laundry of professional clothing.
The barrister acquired and wore particular items of clothing, both in court and to and from the court to her chambers. She did not wear such clothes when she was not at work. Also, her personal wardrobe was made up of very colourful clothes.
The Inspector disallowed the barrister’s expenditure.The test whether her expenditure was ‘ wholly and exclusively’ incurred for the purpose of her profession was subjective.
Also,the General Commissioners considered that when a barrister purchased court clothes their purpose was to enable them both to earn profits in their profession and to be properly clothed, so it had a dual purpose (professional and non professional one at the same time).
Apportionment for business use can only be made when there is a objective benchmark by which any trade element can be distinguished from the non-trade element.
A common example of this approach is the running costs of a car used partly for the purposes of the trade and partly for other purposes.
If you are still confused with regards to what items you are entitled to claim back in your tax return come to Taxfile in one of their offices, either South London or Exeter branch to get help with this matter.