AMAZING OFFER! Save Time, Money & Space with a FREE Sage Bookkeeping & Accounts Package!*

Free accounting software package[UPDATE: Please note that this offer has now expired]. Taxfile’s customers can benefit from an incredible offer on a range of Sage accounting packages at the moment. We’re offering a FREE or, in effect, heavily subsidised* Sage accounting package to all active Taxfile customers, whether existing or new. There are various different packages available so we’re sure we’ll have one which will suit every customer perfectly. The list of benefits is almost endless — here are just a few:

  • Firstly we’ll GIVE* Taxfile customers the package — you don’t have to pay Sage at all;
  • Say hello to quick and easy bookkeeping and record-keeping;
  • Quick and easy cash flow management tools;
  • Cloud-based record keeping means you can access accounts records from anywhere with an internet connection;
  • Automatic bank statement integration makes bank reconciliation a breeze, helping when receipts go missing and even recognising – and accounting for – regular transactions;
  • A mobile app module allows you to simply snap a photo of your receipt and it uploads to your Sage account (say goodbye to physical receipt storage!);
  • Less paperwork!
  • Automatic tax computations performed by the software;
  • Report and analysis options;
  • VAT handling;
  • Automatic VAT return options (or let us handle it for you as you prefer);
  • Shows you the taxes and National Insurance due so you can easily pay them on time;
  • Fast and easier tax returns;
  • Help from Taxfile at any point and from Sage’s own helpful videos;
  • Helps you stay in line with UK laws, taxes and regulations;
  • No experience needed;
  • Perfect for the self-employed, start-ups and small businesses;
  • Taxfile will even be happy to set you up;
  • Integrated invoicing and quotation options available (even from your mobile phone!);
  • A quick and easy payroll bolt-on is also available for limited companies, with payslips, RTI, Auto Enrolment integration etc.;
  • Auto enrolment communications included if you have a company pension scheme;
  • Option to automatically integrate online e-commerce records into your Sage account;
  • Fast and easier company accounts preparation;
  • … and much more!

But there is more major benefit – collaboration with us, your accountant!

The Sage packages we supply are not only free, or in effect heavily subsidised depending on the package involved, but also allow us, your accountant and tax adviser, to collaborate with you within your Sage package with your permission. So where you cannot do something yourself, we can log in using our own integrated Sage administration system to get involved on your behalf, for example to set things up for you, run reports, activate VAT returns, tax returns, end of year accounts, payroll and so on. It’s amazing really! So you do as much or as little as you want to … and we cover everything else!

You save money!

Using the easy but powerful Sage bookkeeping and accounting packages supplied by Taxfile
means that you’ll save money. It’s as simple as that. Customers using such packages makes our job easier, reducing our chargeable hours working on your accounts, so quite simply saves you money!

You also save time!

Our Sage packages will save you SO much time you’ll never look back! Once you’ve tried our Sage packages for a while you’ll wonder why you ever did your accounts, bookkeeping etc. any other way. It’s quick, convenient, powerful, secure, easy and a very convenient way to look after your bookkeeping, VAT, payroll, receipts and record-keeping and company accounts (as applicable).

And, did we mention, we’re giving our customers a package free or, effectively, highly subsidised (depending on the package type chosen*).

Who is it suitable for?

The self-employed and most small businesses including sole traders, start-ups, micro businesses, cash-based businesses, landlords, contractors, taxi and cab drivers, small businesses, partnerships and limited companies with less than 15 employees. Taxfile would be happy to discuss which package best suits your own particular situation so just get in touch (see below), without obligation — and we can even help to set you up!

It’s a genuine win-win … we all benefit from these wonderful packages so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact Taxfile here or call us on 0208 761 8000 to discuss the options, whether you’re new to Taxfile or an existing customer using a different, or even manual, system.

You may also be interested in our previous Sage One Cashbook article, which is one of the Sage accounting and bookkeeping packages available free to Taxfile customers.


* Sage Once Cashbook is totally free to active Taxfile customers and the cost of the more powerful premium Sage packages on offer is absorbed within Taxfile’s charges for accounting etc., at an effective cost which is way less than you would pay if you subscribed to the package directly with Sage. This is possible because we buy subscriptions in significant bulk so can absorb the lower cost within our charges for accounting services etc. — we pass on the savings as part of the great value we like to give every Taxfile customer. Terms & conditions apply, of course, so as to avoid abuse of this very special offer.